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  • We can work with clients nationally or internationally, and this can really work for both of us this year!

  • We can be more flexible in the times for coaching- late evenings and early mornings, for example, this suits many of our busiest clients who can't carve out sufficient time for a session during the working day. We can also arrange for weekend time slots.

  • There is no travelling time for either of us - and we can spend more time on coaching you. We make this personal not cookie cutter.

  • Telephone coaching sessions can be very intense and concentrated and you can achieve a great deal in a short session. This opens up the opportunity for our clients to have shorter, highly focused sessions. One Hour sessions are much less likely if you are meeting in person (we usually have a 3 hour minimum). The investment of time and money in a phone coaching session is a great way to start with us!

  • Telephone coaching allows us to work with more clients, and with clients we would not be able to work with in-person. It is also less expensive - particularly in terms of the cost of your time - and we can pass these savings on to you. This means that coaching can be more affordable and accessible.

  • We will also design our telephone coaching sessions just for you with the subjects you need our help with. With our 35 years of experience we can cover a lot of subjects!

  • We have developed a mentoring program to be available by phone or email when you need us for 1 full year

  • We can come to your location for a fee and teach your entire staff this year for a special rate. Call us for details. 

We are happy to quote you phone coaching, personal on site consultations, retail - bakery-coffee house-gift basket business advise, or personally train your staff to start a gift basket business. We look forward in helping you make 2022 the success story to tell everyone about!

Call us: 330-478-0555 and lets get started! Pam & Tom Newell GBP "Gift Basket School"    

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