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If you need to learn about the Gift Basket Business and missed the event this year please contact Pam for Private coaching or download any of our fun easy classes!

Dear Gift Basket Professionals:


As many of you now know, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced Gift Basket School to make the difficult decision to cancel its National Gift Basket Professional Rally - Convention and Trade Show in Canton, Ohio, in June.  Cancelling a convention after planning began has never happened in Gift Basket School history.  In the end, though, the safety of our members, exhibitors, and staff was paramount in the decision.


Many efforts and resources were put toward hosting the event, so we understand first-hand the disappointment this caused those planning to be there, and the financial ramifications for everyone who had made plans to attend.


Quite honestly, for Gift Basket School, the financial ramifications go well beyond a few wasted hours by staff.  Tom & Pam Newell had worked on the Gift Basket Professional Event for well over a year.  Gift Basket School had already made payments to companies and entertainers whose services we'd planned to use for the event.  Some of those we will be able to carry forward to another event, and some we won't.  Gift Basket School devotes as much of its resources as possible to member benefits, including our first-class events.  The budget is prepared with the idea of breaking even, not with the goal of generating large profits.


With uncertainty as to how long this pandemic will last and when people will again feel comfortable gathering in large groups, we will not set another date at this time.  


The entire world is dealing with the battle against this unseen enemy. This is like nothing we have seen in our lifetime.  We are hopeful that this pandemic will pass quickly and that we’ll be able to return to life as normal sooner rather than later.


We are working to protect our families and loved ones and to stay safe while doing everything we can to make sure Gift Basket School and National Gift Basket Professional Rally-Convention-Trade Show remains a viable organization that continues to serve Gift Basket Professionals well into the future.


We have heard from many Members, Friends, and Staff who understand the difficult position these cancellations have created for our organization.  Thank you for those that are passionate for the industry and our annual get togethers. Please stay safe and we will see you again soon!


Tom & Pam Newell

Founders of the National Gift Basket Professional Rally-Convention-Trade Show and Gift Basket School – GBP Group – Gift Basket Professional – Ultimate Gift Show

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