2019 Trade Show Vendors will offer Show Specials, Demo time, Sampling, & Cash Carry opportunities. Come see the latest products & pre-date your holiday inventory!

Gift Basket Drop Shipping

Gift Basket School, Inc. 

Northwoods Cheese Company

Roof Basket Works

The Ribbon Print Company 

Bubble Time Soap

Plotz Snacks

We also have "Absentee Table Top Vendors" sending product, info, offering show specials, designers products & samples to the 2019 Trade Show! 

Tu-Bees Foods Inc. 

Too Good Gourmet

Nashville Wraps

Robert Garner State Farm Insurance

SPONSOR LIST:  Thank you!

Roof Basket Works - TONY - DINNER EVENT

Northwoods Cheese - DEREK - RALLY 3 day GOLD EVENT

Gift Basket School - TOM & PAM - BASKology

Robert Garner State Farm Insurance - ROBERT - Folders

Gift Basket Drop Shipping - DANI - Name tags

The Ribbon Print Company - SUE - Ribbons & Logo items

Too Good Gourmet - JENNIFER - Samples

Tu-Bees Foods Inc. - Samples

(330) 478-0555

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