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Tom and Pam Newell have shared their style of teaching at Trade shows, International Trade Events, Winter Retreat's, Conventions, Gift Mart Seminars, Mini Classes, and Conferences.

Here are are a few comments Tom & Pam received with Rave Reviews from  National Gift Basket Rally Attendees and Vendors & testimonials from Gift Basket Professionals we have phone coached the last few years.


The valuable coaching I received from Tom & Pam was the best thing I have ever done for my business growth & profit.  Thank you Tom & Pam! Lisa from Columbus

The info I received at the  National GBP Rally was awesome! It felt good to be back in OHIO! Thank you Pam & Tom and the rest of the team! It was soooo much fun learning, competing, & Dancing. Love you all June

Loved the show. Very informative & hit on all the key issues that will help to make my business successful!  Aways something new each year I attend. Derek

If you are looking to grow your business and your skills as a professional gift designers then this is the Rally you don't want to miss. The commerarderie and classes are awesome. Put this event on your calendar and meet others who are just as crazy as you are with bows & things no one else could understand. You'll be happy you came. Danielle

If you are looking to grow and succeed with your gift business look no further. Marcella

Pam & Tom your Gift Basket Rally's continues to amaze me. I learned so much from all the professional instructors and speaker you provided at the Rally's every year! They are certified educators in their field and presents detailed information that give enough information I can easily appy to my business immediately without having to pay extra money to make it work. I walked away forcused enought to know what I will work on to enhance and increase my business. I love how year after year you provide the "this is how you do it"! Plan for everyone that attends... everyone are at different levels in their businessess and I feel everyone left with valuable knowledge to enhance and increase their business even some vendors! Attending your Rally was the highlight of my business education this year. I got way more than I ever expected.. also we had loads of fun and the entertainment was great too!  I can write on and on about how great the Rally was, so I will end with Thank you so very much for having the Rally's and continuing to be an educator in the Gift Basket Business. Great year! Twana


Dear Tom, Pam and the family:

I want to thank you so very much for the training in selling to corporate. That one short weekend training gave me enough knowledge that I actually got 5 local corporate accounts for the Christmas holiday. I am still amazed and my corporate clients are still sending their praises for the gift baskets they received. I only took one how to sell to corporate session and I am looking forward to more training and education in the new year to grow my gift basket business.  Again, thank you...   Twana's Creation

"Top Notch, Expert, and Knowledgeable are only three of the many words to describe Pam. A leader in the gift basket industry, Pam has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she makes available to gift basket professionals throughout the country. Pam and the Gift Basket School are excellent resources to take you to the next step in your business!"  Deb Wasylko MBA

I recommend Pamela Newell, she's been a leader in the gift basket community over 30 years. I attended an event for the gift basket industry that she hosted. I had a chance to finally meet her at the seminar very professional and always willing to help others.  Joyce Arrieta

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Pamela. Pamela leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Pamela has real leadership potential! You cannot help but notice how successful she is. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Pamela without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. Rosa Brewer-Prazak

For anyone starting a business or needing to jump start a current effort, Tom's down to earth, tried and proven business advice is the ticket to moving forward. His genuine interest in helping others along with a friendly and clear approach make learning fun and comfortable! I would highly recommend attending Gift Basket School - you take in a lot in a short amount of time...  Sue Monhait

I have attended several seminars and conferences that the "Gift Basket School" has put together for the Gift Basket Industry. Tom Newel has taught several classes at these events. He has first hand knowledge and has many years of experience in both the retail and design aspect of the industry! He is an excellent motivational speaker!  Susan

I attended several conferences and seminars presented by Tom and Pam. They are both easy to listen to and to learn from. I always come away from their seminars with a renewed desire to work hard at my business and to succeed.  Diana

I had an outstanding time. Our minds are still spinning with so much education. What a creative bunch of instructors! See you at this year’s convention. -Jan

What a weekend! I believe as a vendor people got a lot from the event! I loved how the theme was carried out through-out the classes and the trade show. We meet so many wonderful people and glad we were there. See you soon. -Matthew

You did good! I will say I enjoyed myself, learned some new things, and made a lot of new contacts. The instructors were great and covered different aspects that I needed to give me a shot in the arm before the holidays. It’s always good to take a class with an instructor live. I hope you offer it again next year I will return! -Sue

I just wanted to say thank you tom & Pam for putting on the Basket Convention 2009. I had such a good time and I feel like I came away with a lot of new knowledge under my belt. I was in a kind of FUNK for the past month or so and this is what I needed to help get me focused again. Also I want to tell you that your family/staff are so very helpful. They also brought a lot to the event. I also met so many nice people that I am sure we will keep in touch as friends. I look forward to next year’s event see you there! -Diana

I took Friday off work and was sure glad I did to attend! I wish I would have taken the entire 3 days and will promise to do so next year! I learned so much and made so many great deals at the convention. -Thanks Barb

Canton Ohio was a great choice and affordable! I will be back again next year! -Joe

Thanks Tom & Pam for getting me started in my new endeavor! Pam and Mary Ann were great speakers! You Motivate! -Maria

The size of the convention was great. I had an opportunity to meet other professionals in our field! -Thanks Deb

Everyone was fantastic, really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Keep up the great work and see you next year. -Ginny

The seminars were very informative and certainly worth my time. You couldn’t have picked better speakers with more experience. -Thanks Bob

I will come back every year as long as Tom & Pam are the organizers. Great workbook/notebook and I loved of great ideas to help me grow my business. -Pat

Keep having the convention - enjoy attending, networking, meeting people with something in common, new holiday trends, and I will recommend this convention to anyone. Deb

Tom & Pam, I truly appreciate your time, dedication, and all you do. You are amazing and I will be back! Lisa

WOW, I learned a lot of new technology my head is swimming. Thanks and I will return year after year! Judi

The room was too tight with too many people in it but I guess you will solve that for next year. Congratulations on the huge crowd. Marcie

Wonderful Speakers and the amount of Vendors was a great surprise. I purchased all my holiday gift needs plus! See you again next year. Carol

Too Crowded but learned a lot. Make sure you have a bigger room next year! Amy

The networking was incredible that alone was worth the cost of admission. I have been in the business for years and still learned some great tips. Steph

Just awesome! I have only used a few of the items I heard and already have gotten more profit! Well worth what I spent to go! Keep them coming I will attend! Kathy

I can not believe the price of this Event was only $199. Thank you very much for giving me more than my money's worth! Sue

I want more, This was my 1st Convention with Tom & Pam and I want More. I will be at the 2011 and I will be in the front row! Marg

Can I take Ben home to grow my sales force. He is amazing and I hope he returns. Tom & Pam he is your son and you did good! Chuck

  • My favorite part was the discussion group with everyone sharing their dreams and secrets. I will be back! Ray

I can't pick just one favorite instructor i learned something from each and everyone of them. WOW..... Redonna

Thank you Tom & Pam for keeping our business alive! I love you all and will see you in 2011.

I need all the help I can get to grow my business and you have done that for me. I would recommend your convention to anyone that is in the gift business to improve their business. See you next year! Hopefully Columbus or Akron you have out grown Canton, Ohio... Barb

Your staff is the best and I can't believe the 3 days went so fast. I will see you in 2011 don't start without me! Dar

Tom & Pam I could have listened to you all day. Don't ever retire we need you! tracy

I thought the Attorney was going to be boring and I wouldn't want to hear him. To my surprise he taught me a lot. thanks Bob

I lost 2 pound do to not eating at the convention cause I didn't want to miss anything so I forgot to eat. See you next year I will bring a snack! Sherry 2011

Pam & Tom - I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all you have done to create a successful gift basket convention again this year both for attendees and for vendors. As a newby in the business, these conventions have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Even though I am a sole proprietor and in business have made me feel as if I am not alone in this. Good luck in your future, I hope you never hesitate to cll me. Best Wishes, Michelle

As a vendor I must say I got what I was promised and more! I networked one on one with the Attendees, attendeed Seminars, competed in design, and sold to new attendees from around the world. Thanks Tom & Pam for making this happen. Mike

I have attended the last 3 years and come away with more information than I can measure! The education I receieve each year gets better and better and I have already signed up for 2012 1 day event! Sue

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