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October 10 ideas to prepare for holiday success!

  • Implement a delivery, marketing, & work calendar for November and December! If you need to hire someone advertise now and start to train November 1st.

  • Train Staff to cross over jobs and time them for assembly. This will help at crunch time to be prepared for additional orders.

  • Clean inventory out making one of a kind, donate mix match if needed, and reorder product if you need to today.

  • Proactively reach out to past clients to see if they need a list of last years clients and ask them to revise it for you. Also ask if they need a special date for deliveries. Keep on schedule.

  • Plan your clients gift list from you! Order your holiday cards and get your personal holiday list ready.

  • Recheck your goals this is the beginning of the 4th quarter. Are you on track? Do you have enough enclosure cards, invoices, ribbon, shred, and containers? You have time to re-order.

  • Preform a website audit making sure all links work, shopping carts is working, and update your new designs. Make sure disclosures are updated and dates are current!

  • Did you time each design (knowing how many designs you can make an hour is important), re-price for profit, and make sure bows are being pre-made? You can also make a few stand-alone gifts are pre-made or ordered. Going into the holidays you will need simple teachers pre-made mugs, boxes of cute candies, quick cash and carry $20 gifts, keep sakes, and designs.

  • Time to organize the holiday open house and finalize your holiday gift line. Make sure you have slicks with a few design’s, so you can pass out at networking and in your store. You may also want to order some beautiful postcards to send out as well as pre-design your eblasts & date.

  • Attend all networking, business expos, and get your face and business cards out to the public. Make sure everyone has heard of your company and got to know you!

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