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September 10 tips

  1. Set up schedule & new holiday account for Priority Mail, USP, and Fed Ex for the best rates and list on website cut off dates.

  2. Design gift of the month selection and display on website.

  3. Offer thanksgiving line (as of this week only 11 Fridays till thanksgiving) & make sure website is updated for mobile friendly use!

  4. Advertise “local” & Convenient with a great SSL secure check out.

  5. Join a new Networking group in September and start shouting out your holiday line!

  6. Schedule after hours (open House) to launch holiday for clients & prospects. Shout out on Social media as well as postcards to clients. (remember you are pleasing many age groups)

  7. Add Video to website (Action Focus on Generation X & Z) Keep their interest on website with great fun action ads, photos, testimonials, and logo items.

  8. Take an e-book quick class, seminar or read articles on new social media to stay current or brush up on new techniques. Get excited about the holidays and make sure you know what is trendy.

  9. Add social media ads to grow your followers. Pam’s website server offers free shout outs that also merge into your Facebook business page. You can also make them into ads!

  10. Take inventory and order your holiday products. Remember to order extra hang tags, ribbon, and stuffing they won’t expire. Re examine your goal & measure your bows to reorder today!

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