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August top 10 tips to begin

Each month we will try and get you a few tips to ease into the 2018 holiday without stress! Open each month for our top secrets to filled with Tom & Pam’s tips for success!

For consumers, the holiday shopping season is a long way away; however, retailers know they need to be gearing up over the summertime to be ready for Thanksgiving and beyond.

10 things to go in August to get ready for the holiday season!

  • Get your website ready for corporate sales. Make your site mobile ready, great user friendly, Security Certificate on site working securely, & your landing page when customer orders having disclosures to protect you such as delivery time & product changes.

  • Pre-order products you may want to increase per your goals! Remember measure & estimate so you know how much to order. You may want to set a goal for ordering products by Labor Day most manufactures cut off good show discounts by then!

  • Are you properly staffed for increase in business or your estimated goals? Now is a great time to get help and train them. What do you need help with phones, assembly, cleaning or deliveries?

  • Offer a pre-payment discount program for corporate or volume orders before September 15th. This will get you extra money for inventory needs to pre-pay without charging them!

  • Finalize your delivery calendar & store holiday hours so you can advertise. This will also help you know if you will need extra delivery & assembly help for November and December. If you need a non-compete clause agreement we have them available and on sale this month.

  • Increase Social Media Presence! Are you listed on all with your eblasts going out on Facebook business page, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.?

  • Update data base & begin monthly E-Blasts showing off your new products, selections, & delivery area. Don’t forget to invite them to see your latest holiday designs!

  • Clean & Re-organize your inventory area so you know exactly what you have and eliminate any out dated products. You need to also re-organize your desk area for holiday orders & clean.

  • Design 3 new quick shelf stable designs that will be ready now and quick to sell. If need be buying your premade gift line ready-made and add your signature bow. is a new vendor and offer a few great products!

  • Develop a monthly gift program all the big box stores are promoting them now!

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