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10 things to go in July to get ready for the holiday season!

Each month we will try and get you a few tips to ease into the 2018 holiday without stress! Open each month for our top secrets to filled with Tom & Pam’s tips for success!

July 10 things to get started to ease into the holiday with success!

  • Get your website ready for corporate volume adding a page just for 12 or more gift selections with a small discount if pre-ordering early! Up your social media presence! Make your Facebook Business page work for you with holiday specials & add website sign up for your e-blasts monthly. Today is the best time to grow your friends list with clients!

  • Review last years holiday orders to estimate products and start updating data base!

  • Put a countdown clock on your holiday page for holiday orders and delivery options!

  • Add quick ready made with long shelf life or Gift Basket Drop shipping selections without labor for quick resell!

  • Pre-order holiday selections in 4 color themes and remember to ask for show specials!

  • Make sure your website has options for quick shopping cart and security. We just changed to and find it very affordable and easy to manage. MAKE SURE SECURE!

  • Add a landing page with a thank you when client orders from your website. You can also suggest other items they may also need before leaving your site.

  • Add new healthy selections with multiple price points this year. From stuffed mugs, boxes of chocolate, to amazing $500 selections you will be glad you did!

  • We are in the gift giving business so giveback! Start offering a charitable % with each order or a give back program for large holiday orders. This is good for you as well as clients like it!

  • Promote your expertise by adding testimonials on your website.

  • You can also call Pam for a personal phone consult to help you prepare! 330-478-0555 we are happy to help you with the questions you need to have personally answered!

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