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MARCH Suggestions to do! by Pam

MARCH Suggestions to do! by Pam

  • Transfer to your cell phone calls 7 video designs to upload

  • Check out color trends and pick out your colors for products, shred, & ribbon

  • Take inventory and make a list to re-order products today that work!

  • Add a line of pre-made gifts or drop shipping to expand your line this year!

  • Call Vendors to see what show specials or holiday discounts they are offering. EASTER SPECIALS.

  • Pre-make your designs today and photo shoot for web and brochure!

  • Make a schedule with a large calendar to set up delivery days and when you will need products

  • Pick out your best 20 clients and send them a sneak peek message of what is hot this year, you could always send them a small gift and when they call to thank you set up a sales call!

These are just a few ideas to do this month! We will post more later so keep watching for our e-blasts!

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