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"Spring Clean & De-clutter Your Business Physically & Mentally!

That’s why I focused on the benefits of de-cluttering. I know that when I am clutter-free, I am able to think more clearly and focus on key tasks. I am more efficient and effective and I just feel lighter. The sense of accomplishment feels great and puts you in the mood to get things done.

I also find when you write down business ideas that you are considering on your nice clean board you start to take action and steps to make your story a success. Making phone calls, doing research, designing a new trendy line needs some a creative mind with less clutter. Clear the negative chatter and clutter and get started on the 2nd quarter of your year in a new mental freedom with energy.

Spring clean those old files from your computer, old emails, your data bases, and reorganize your business for a 2018 success today! Let us know at “Gift Basket School” how that is working for you we want to hear your success stories and help you re-energize your business with just a little spring cleaning.

Have a great SUMMER and hope to see you all soon! Hope to see you in OHIO June 14-16, 2018 at the National Gift Basket Rally!

Tom & Pam Newell

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