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Making a "VISUAL RESUME" work for you this month!

You CANNOT, NOT! make a first impression! People always form an initial impression about us the first time they come in contact with us whether it is in person or whether it is over the telephone or even by the way we leave a message on THEIR answering machine. Every other contact with us after that first time either supports or conflicts with that first impression. Create a good first impression and the relationship grows from there. Create a bad first impression and your relationship with that person can be an uphill battle.

Whether we are communicating "one-to-one" over the telephone, "one-to-a-group" such as a small business meeting or "one-to-a-hundred" such as during a presentation other people's impressions of us is very important and we should work hard to make sure that FIRST impression is a great one.

I call this my “Visual Resume” each time I have the opportunity to meet someone and they get to know me 1st and then my product. I hope everyone this month takes a couple minutes to look over your “Visual Resume” and your office staff to make sure your 1st Impression is a great one.

Thanks Pam

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