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Look at your marketing calendar for the balance of the year and make sure you have key events highlighted, including upcoming Holidays and Trade shows you're planning to attend. Look ahead and determine when you need to start making the most of these events and who else needs to be involved to get the most of your year’s budget and plans! Remember Gift Basket School has developed a great Marketing & Fun Holiday Calendar E-book to help you with this! (Don’t forget National Administrative Professional Day and Waitress Day to name a few in April)

As GBP’s focusing on keeping clients satisfied, it's easy to get caught up in accomplishing day-to-day tasks. This tendency highlights why it's critical to check in periodically, such as at the end of each quarter. After all, as we all know we need to chart our course and stay on the plan to be successful! A regular evaluation can help you confirm that you are on the right path. Together we will try and help you with a monthly article and newsletter to make sure 2018 is a great successful year for all our readers!

See you at a 2018 National Gift Basket Rally this year!

Tom & Pam Newell

“The Gift Basket Industry Pioneers”

Your official Gift Basket Retailers Business Coach Team

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