My kids were obsessed with sugary snacks. I wished there were more snack options that would make them feel good but healthy at the same time. With this in mind I created PLOTZ! Snacks. Our snacks are all natural with no artificial sweeteners. They are made with only natural ingredients, NON GMO, gluten and wheat free, dairy free and kosher, but yet still so simply delicious!To find out more information such as pricing, lead time, shelf life pack size etc., and to place your orders, please call us at 1-844-900-9857 or you can email us at

Visit Plotz Snacks at the 2019 National Gift Basket Professional Trade Show in OHIO June 13-15, 2019!  Show Special will be announced at show!

NEW Preferred Vendor "Plotz Snacks" Healthy delicious Snack!

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