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Gift Basket Business with Style & Profit

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Traditional Classroom with Virtual Online Environment. You will learn the Basic Techniques of Starting and Growing Your Gift Basket Business and Taking it to a Profitable Success Story. Traditional Classroom with Virtual Online Environment. We will learn the basic techniques of starting and growing your Gift Basket Business and taking it to a profitable story! This is am amazing opportunity for you to learn from Tom & Pam Newell the Pioneers of the Gift Basket Industry. With the fear of cancelling of Covid-19 and world unrest we are offering our new gift classes online. Our whole opportunity in only $159 special this month. regular $199 Check it out now! Online Classes: Include Starting a Business from Hobby 'What's Your Story - Uncover Your Talents Setting up your studio/home office Inventory & Storage Designing : Design, Wrap, & Finish Pricing Your Designs Contracts & Paperwork Making Your Business Customer Focus Corporate Mega Sales Social Media Marketing Platform Getting Your Website Ready Financial Expanding or Exit Quiz to make sure your ready Certificate of Completion





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