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Personalized Phone coaching -1 full month PERSONAL!

Product Number: Month coach
Retail Price: $299.99 (USD)
List Price: $350.00 - You Save: $50.01

You have a gift basket business now but it's not going just the way you planned. Your focus is off, your profit is not there, your branding is wrong, or you are ready to give up. The puzzle just won't fit together! You need a mentor but don't want to commit to a one year plan. Let Tom & Pam help you with their puzzle stretcher, talking you thru your problems this month. They will consult with you by phone 4 - 60 minute phone coaching sessions per month, answer up to 10 email single questions, in between phone calls, and personally coach you month to month until you feel you can make the puzzle fit for the holiday! You can pick as many months as you think you need for this special price today.

Price is $350.00@ month for this total phone coaching package. Once your order is confirmed Tom or Pam will respond within 48 hours by e-mail or phone to reserve dates and times for your  phone coaching sessions. Or call 330-478-0555 for details.

Telephone coaching plus Q&A emails Special. Program designed just for you!  This has helped hundreds in the last year!