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WEBSITE: 1 yr 2017 Sponsor/Vendor for GBP website Full year

Product Number: Vendorlogo
Retail Price: $250.00 (USD)

Website Sponsor/Vendor:

Add your businesses logo and hyperlink to Tom & Pam’s 2017 Vendor page for optimal exposure. Once you purchase your banner you will receive an email to confirm your payment. We will need your logo/link within 24 hours of your purchase so we can get our webmaster to upload it quickly.

You must promise to be the BEST OF THE BEST for our industry with great products and customer service. Tom & Pam will then endorse your products for a full year. We love to show off your products and talk about your great prices and service so let’s get started.

You will also get mentioned in our newsletter quarterly to our 6500+ monthly readers and have the opportunity to list monthly specials or new products linking to your site on our GBP page providing we have info before 24th of each month. We can list a special for you, new product, latest new trend detail for you! We love to shout out new info to the industry for you 1st! 

 We will spread the word about your great wholesale products, service, and prices so let’s get started today. Just click the link for $250.00 and call Pam 330-478-0555.

We have 4 websites flowing into one great site and you get lots of exposure with our sponsor/vendor program for over 17 years now. Thanks for your interest and hope to be of service to you soon.

Special deal if you are a website vendor you will also get to showcase your products & catalogs at the 2017 Rally a ($150 value) for FREE. We love showing your items off and letting the attendees know how to use them! We would love to work with your products at the Rally/Seminars and give samples to the attendees for you! 

Tom & Pam Newell

228 C. Street SW

Navarre, Oh  44662


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