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2017 GBP VIP TICKET What do you get!

As you can see we have a full 3 days designed just for you with our team of experienced professionals helping you with honest experience and one on one help! Come join us in OHIO were GBP's will be joining us from all over the world! This will be Tom and Pam's 17th year of workshop/convention/Rally events and a big promise to work with you and help you with your needs! Our Staff will be waiting for you in OHIO and have so much planned for you with a great selection of Vendors waiting to show off their gifts and gourmet products. Save the date and  register today!           

1 VIP TICKET INCLUDES:  all 18 classes/seminars, workshops, demo classes, tradeshow, cash & carry, Dinner on Friday night, networking, & Entertainment friday night events ALL FOR ONE PRICE! The Most Affordable Rally ever!

Seminars – Demo Classes – Workshop – Special Events

Thursday - July 13, 2017  Registration 8:00 & networking –9:00 am -  9:30 pm

  • Welcome and Introduce Staff & Get to know each other! Kick off host Pam  
  •  What’s Your Story  (CLASS)– What does your business say about you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Let’s make a Plan! This year’s event is all about you and Looking beyond 2017. Tom & Pam are making big plans to help you do just that come ready to plan and redefine your business goals together! This is personal and we will keep it personal just for you!
  • 12 Steps to Starting A Business (CLASS)- You've got an idea for your business ... great! What's next? Sue will take you through the steps to getting your business up and running in a way that will set the stage for a strong profitable future. Taking action doesn't need to be hard if you know what to do! Just take it step by step!
  • Basics of Social Media: Why use it, which channels and what to say: (SEMINAR) Have you been thinking about marketing your business with social media, but you feel overwhelmed and not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’re not convinced that it works? Karen has designed this seminar to show you the value of using social media to reach your customers, how it can lead to new customers and how it drives repeat business from your current customers. Make sure to take lots of notes! Sponsored by Constant Contact!
  • WOW factor for your website: (CLASS) Karen knows just what your website needs, What it should tell the customer to keep them coming back, and making it easy to order. Karen is amazing and will help you with your website for everyday and going into the future. 
  • Pop in – Pop out” – (CLASS) Leann will share creative and inexpensive marketing designs to keep you and your clients mind on how you can help them! Corporate will be what Leann will be working on with you for the 2017 Classes so get ready to POP!  Creative & inexpensive ways to market to your Clients and potential clients. Unique leave behind gifts that will keep your business name on you. Leann knows 1st hand as a gift basket designer what the client needs and will share her secrets!
  •  Designing a Wow & Winning Gift Basket –(CLASS)  Making your design unforgettable is very important! It needs to be eye appealing, secure, presentation with a wow, branded, and dressed for the occasion! You may be a beginner or a seasoned professional both will find this class surprising and helpful! Let’s rise over the top and give our customers an amazing 2017 new style!  Remember the image you design should be the gift everyone wants to purchase!
  •  Thursday = Sneak Peek Trade Show with Surprises & Fun – 2 hours of Samples & One on One with Amazing Vendors 
  •  BASKology (WORKSHOP) will be a bit different this year! You ask for it and here we go. More practice you say well we have designed an after- hours "Practice Clinic" with all staff on deck! Yes our Practice night will be more one on one help with questions answered! We will work on designing, wrapping, structure, bows, and personal hands on experience! This will be a blast with everyone leaving a winner! You will make your own signature design and take it with you!  BEGINNERS & SEASONED DESIGNERS WELCOME! Workshop is included in VIP ticket FREE!

 Friday July 14, 2017   9am – 11pm

  •  Welcome back - Recap - turn in your homework! Pam & Tom your kick off hosts!

  •  Finding Your Unique Selling Power - (CLASS) You have or are opening a gift basket business. That's why you're at this conference. So you are doing (in essence) the same thing everyone else in the room is doing. PLUS, there may be someone in your town who has a gift basket business. How do you compete? How do you attract customers so you can make money? Sue's is here to tell you there is room for everyone. How? By finding and promoting your Unique Selling Power. It's the key to success. 

  •  Networking and Keeping Them Interested! – (CLASS)  Ben will be heading up this class so get ready to learn, laugh, and practice! If your plan is to grow your business, network with corporate clients, or stay ahead of the competition here is your class! It isn’t always about your design it is selling yourself and Ben will show you a new way of doing that at this Rally/conference! 

  •  “Candy Designs Gone Wild!” (Demo CLASS) Leann is ready to show you a fun easy way to take your profits to the future! Leann has so much talent and will help your clients rave with your new ideas when you get home from this class! Yes, you can take photos & notes! 4 unique ways to design using everyday candy brands but adding your own creative juice to create your own "Brand". 

  •  What to say to your customer? – (CLASS)  Barb has lots of experience with this subject! She will help you deal with difficult customer’s face to face, electronic e-mails, texting, and on the phone! You will be smiling when this class is over! “Remember without customers we really don’t have a business so if you are looking forward for the future you need all the customers you can get & keep!”

  •  Balloons – "Elevate Your Gift Basket Business with Betallic Balloons!" (DEMO CLASS) Prepare for your business to take off in Jan's fast paced Boxco Gift Baskets and Balloons Class! You'll see how low cost elements and high perceived value can lift your future profit margins and add sky-high interest to your Gift Basket arrangement in 2017 and Beyond!

  •  Work Life Balance- (CLASS) You may be the boss, salesman, designer, head wrapper, clean up boy, cook, parent, and so much more. How do you do it and still grow your business? You also want to keep the budget low, profits high, yet make a profit. Well we will look at a few eye opening ideas in this class and also see if you are ready to grow from where you are now! Let's see if you are ready to make some needed changes! We will also address your FEARS! 

  •  Friday Trade Show – Show specials & Sampling

  •  FRIDAY NIGHT Event – Challenge, Food, Networking, & Entertainment! Included in your Passport 3 day VIP Event Ticket or you will need a Spouse ticket if you are bringing someone!  This event will be fun and amazing we promise!

Saturday July 15th 2017  9am – 2:30pm

  •  Recap and Welcome Back with Tom & Pam
  •  “Future of the Industry” – Looking forward united is what our industry needs and we want to brainstorm and chat about it! This is our future and our clients deserve us! Derek will lead this conversation and head up the discussion!
  •  Meat & Potatoes or Specialty Diet? – (CLASS) The time is a changing and so must we! The business is not the same as it was in 1979 when Tom & Pam 1st started their Gift Basket Business so let’s chat about what you really need moving forward! You will need new skills, vendors with a new outlook, and a business that revolves around new trends and changes!  We will also have a sneak peek into 2017 and beyond corporate clients needs, contracts,  and more! Looking beyond 2017! A must to be in this class to complete your new plan!
  •  "Making Your Cell Phone your best 2017 office must have" with Nick! (CLASS) Nick will let you know what's new in the world of cell phones for our business as only he can. You have an amazing tool for the 2017 Holiday season in your hand! Nick will show us all just how valuable it can be!  Nick will help us into holiday 2017 and beyond with the must have Cell phones top secrets. This class is a must for our future & today's business! Beginners & Seasoned a must!
  •  "The Art of Negotiations" (CLASS) Ben will share his 4 main ways of how to get what you want without breaking the bank (keeping your bottom line). This is important in life & business. This will be helpful for all of us to increase our PROFIT for the Future!
  •  Saturday – Noon – 2:30 pm TRADE SHOW _ Cash and Carry and turn in your last minute orders for show specials!  

  • The Trade Show will be a sell out this year. We only have one more table available!

    The Vendors live and sampling at this Event: Boxco, Roof Basket Works, Northwoods Cheese, Baker's Southern Traditions, Uncle Bunks, Bubble Time Soup, The Cardcierge, Mr Snacks, Gift Basket School, The Ribbon Print Company, Unicorn Wine Guild, Allen's Scottish Shortbread, Betallic, IGV Constant Contact, Hottie Biscotti, Candy BasKits, & European Confections. 

    Table top vendors: Canelo Gifts, BelloMen, Milestone Candles, Bib's Passion Oil, Lion Ribbon, Brandt Candy, All Wrapped Up, Nashville Wraps, and Imperial Foods. Possibly more signing up this week. WOW everything you need - one stop shop!