JULY 13-15, 2017 in Canton, OHIO will be the 2017 GBP Rally & Ultimate Gift Show Dates. Save the dates!

2017 National GBP  Conference - Rally –Event and Ultimate Gift Show    

Theme “Looking Beyond 2017” Canton, OHIO – July 13-15, 2017


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This event is all about the Future of the Gift Basket Industry!

Our classes and seminars will be designed to help you get your plan on track with Tom, Pam, & Their amazing expert staff!

This event will be Face to Face, Questions answered, Design help, Re-defining or Starting your business, Corporate Selling Power, Dealing with Difficult People, Over the top Style, 

Practice Clinic, Designing with Balloons, WOW factor with your website, Using Social Media for Sales and Learning about Your Story!

Winners of the Design Challenge.. CONGRATULATIONS  Winners of the Team Challenge  Dancing Friday night event


2017 is sold out - Vendors area Sold Out with everything you will need to make and sell your gift baskets for 2017 Holiday Season


Our Event was a success with hundreds of Attendees, Speakers, Vendors, and Staff making it a wonderful EVENT.. THANK YOU EVERYONE!



Learning to make a quick wreath design     

You will learn quick top secrets on Corporate selling, balloon arrangements, candy gifts, gift basket techniques (beginning & advanced) Competition, 

attend the gift & gourmet tradeshow, learn to design with gourmet & gifts, team & network to win, have fun & prepare for holiday success,

 learn business new technology & techniques all for one affordable price! Full 3 day Event!







(NO REFUNDS IF ATTENDEE or VENDOR CANCEL's AFTER June 1, 2017 for any reason - food and notebooks are paid for!) Thanks Pam