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As you can see in the countdown for Christmas above we are still counting down for the Largest and Best holiday of the year however there are many other ones along the way to help you keep those lights on and sell sell sell! We are here to help you and will put helpful tips and articles on this page to help you!  Our 2016 GBP Rally/Conference Event will be all about getting ready for 2016 Holiday Success Season so our 2016 year will be filled with outstanding ideas, tips, and info to help you along the way. Our Event is a yearly event help in Canton, OHIO and will be July 7-9, 2016 just in time to help prepare for the Holidays with lots of experts to help you.

         Make sure your 2016 goals are small and measured each month. 

With easier small baby steps you can easily get to the dream you are looking for!

Make sure you can really obtain them and this is really what you want.  


Something NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  8/11/16  

WE now have a BLOG on our site! It's Called: NEWELLology Blog: Let us know how you like it!


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April 2016 by Pam & Jan:

Welcome to 2nd quarter, how are your goals going still on track?    Don't forget all the great holidays for April: International Customer Loyalty Month, Hospital ADmitting clerk day, World Autism DAy, Admistrative Professional Week, Secretary & Administrative Professional Day, Pathologists Day, Income Tax & Accountant Day, Passover Begins, Auctioneer day, SChool librarian Day, National Lineman Day just to name a few. If you need more order our 2016 Ebook Calendar!

ps. The early bird sale on GBP Rally-Conference is only 4 months away and the sale ends in a couple weeks. You will still be able to attend just each VIP ticket will be $50 more.. This will be amazing so hurry and save!

Money From Thin Air…With Word$!

Jan Iiams, CBA, Betallic LLC

Text Box: When you use words to paint the picture—to create a visual image of not just the product you’re selling, but also the projected reaction of the recipient, it is extremely influencing to your customer.


First impressions are important. I had experiences with two California companies within a 5-minute period that was like night and day! This experience made it perfectly clear, that part of that first impression is qualifying each other. The first company began with answering “Hello”, had a bland offering and actually sounded impatient when I asked for more information.  I didn’t picture a very exciting arrangement or presentation from him!

On the other hand, my next contact answered brightly with her company name, and was excited about what she could do for me, She described a delightful bouquet paired with cookies I could almost taste, and actually bent her Valentine’s Day rules a little on the addition of latex balloons for me so…I happily spent about $20.00 more than I had originally planned to.

When you ask about the occasion, recipient, etc., it’s easy to reinforce your customer’s choice to choose you to create something special for him or her. A personal, positive approach will make your customer feel good, (Wow, this salesperson is interested in me, in what I want, and has great ideas too!)  For instance, “Oh your husband’s 40th birthday! What a great time for you to make him the star of his office. I’ve got some wonderful attention-getting ideas he’ll just love!” While qualifying your customer, you’re helping them to see how qualified you are to create a very personalized, sure-to-get-rave reviews design.

A lasting impression is more than a well-executed delivery or perfect decor. It’s an impression that deals the sale and brings back customers again and again.

Personalizing the selling experience and customizing the sales pitch with occasion catchwords are very enticing and position you as an experienced consultant.

Example: describing the same bright primary colors,

Red, Yellow and Blue

Text Box: For Men: “Bold, Strong colors”
	For Children: “Fun, Crayon colors”     
	For Women: “Bright, Jazzy colors”


Text Box: For Men: “Bold, Strong colors”
	For Children: “Fun, Crayon colors”     
	For Women: “Bright, Jazzy colors”  


You get the picture!!! Create the same type of list for all color combinations for all types of events and themes: Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Corporate, Bridal, Christmas, Sports themes, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Special occasions are described with a personalized twist. Brides for instance, can’t resist an iridescent confetti balloon when it’s called a “Champagne Bubble Balloon” and will probably pay twice the price! Other catchwords that delight brides: ”Opalescent Balloons”, (iridescent paper inside a Betallatex Metallic Silver latex). “Bouncy tendrils of ribbon”: (softly curled ribbon instead of short, tight curls).        

Certain market catchwords can be developed as well. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are perfect for theme friendly words, and mom-words—like “Trend Setting” (underlying meaning—you’ll be the envy of all the other moms for coming up with this fabulous design idea). Hotels, outdoor décor, malls, parties, deliveries and advertising phrases will differ.  Create lists of winning words and phrases. You can see it in your customer’s eye and hear it in their voice when you use words that influence.

         Now you’ve got it, but how do you help your staff to get it? Plant cheat sheets by the phones, role-play, PRACTICE! Make it fun; let them play the customer, not just you. They’ll love challenging you and will learn more so you’ll earn more.

          Following are good sources for developing the words that will reflect your service and personality. Use thesaurus, TV, and radio commercials, magazine and billboard ads, greeting cards and Betallic marketing materials. What other good sources can you think of for inspiration?         

Text Box: Accent		Adorable		Analogues		Balance
Bold			Brilliant		Charming		Cheerful Complimentary 	Contrast		Distinctive		Dramatic
Dynamic		Enchanting		Embellish		Exciting
Exotic		Feminine		Formal		Fun
Glimmering		Glitzy			Glowing		Harmonious
Illusion		Impact		Intense		Iridescent
Lavish		Lovely		Magical		Masculine
Monochromatic     Opalescent		Pearl			Pizzazz
Playful		Powerful		Pristine		Rich	
Romantic		Showcased		Shimmering		Shining	
Soft			Sophisticated	Texture		Vibrant	

I’d like to share my Secret Extravaganza Word List with you. I hope you’ll use them as successfully as I have. I find great satisfaction in being as creative with my verbal skills as I am with arrangement designing.

Have fun making more money…from thin air!







March 2016 – By Pam

A few interesting articles the last few weeks with info we have been talking about for the last year in our industry. It is all about Great Customer Service & Retention. We will really go over easy ways to do this are our 2016 Rally-Conference in OHIO this July!

Walmart to open first customer complaint academy in North Academy

Walmart is not known for customer service. The chain plans to open 200 academies to train 140,000 employees a year on how they can change that perception.

The Dallas Morning News - 2/25/2016

Retailers fall short of meeting consumer expectations

In the wake of the financial collapse that brought about the Great Recession, retailers had to up their customer service games to attract cash-strapped consumers. As the economy has improved so have some of the perks shoppers grew used to receiving. The result is consumers are less satisfied with merchants and more likely to take their business elsewhere.

Chicago Tribune (tiered sub.) - 2/24/2016


Now more than ever, you need great customer experience to succeed. Consumers will only choose you if you stand out from the competition…and price and product alone won’t cut it anymore. By 2020 it’s expected that customer experience will completely overtake price and product as the key brand differentiation. We know this seems unbelievable however the older I get the more I want great customer service and when I find it I want to only shop there!


February 2016 Tips by Pam

Strive to Grow: Only half of GBP’s I surveyed had any type of marketing plan, business plan, or growth plans for their businesses. 75% however did start a vision board. One of the top reasons to plan or write down goals is to highlight business essentials and determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What are you going to provide and to whom? How are you going to provide it to them? How are you going to make your business stand out from the competition? By devoting time and energy to strategic initiatives upfront, GPB’s will reap the benefits of having a well-structured, well-researched business plan of action & year of success. If you need help with this please contact me I would be happy to help you anytime. Pam


JANUARY 2016 tips by Pam

Make sure you get your vision board up it doesn't have to be fancy it just has to be what your vision is for 2016. We use Dream Board or just import in photo collage app.. There are so many Vision Board apps available for free this year it's great..  As you can see Pam's board is filled with Paying off credit cards, Staying focused on new marketing, Listening to inspiring people, spending more time helping others, taking more travel time with family & friends, Growing our business, Staying fit & healthy, reading the bible more, and yes purchasing a few new toys. What is your goal or vision say about you and your business?

Here is Pam's:


Today is a great day to look at your 2015 data to make sure you know what your average design sold for, what was your best selling design, did you grow your corporate clients, & did you make profit this year!

Make sure you are registered for the 2016 GBP Rally-Conference in OHIO so you can save on early bird discounts and order your 2016 Marketing Calendar to stay focused on success!

Tom & Pam have also designed a great January special with phone coaching sessions to help you with your vision this month. You will need to share what you did right and wrong for the 4th quarter and allow them to help you make a new plan for next year's holiday success together. Let Tom & Pam be your secret coaching team for 2016 with over 35 years of success! Check out the consulting link today!

2016 should be about making your business healthy and fit with success written all over it!

December 2015 tips by Pam

Take a few minutes to jot down all the good things that worked for 2015 4th quarter and all the things that you may want to change for 2016. This is a great time to work on this project since it is fresh in your mind. Make sure you are also jotting down your goals for 2016 and know what your best selling items were for 2015. This is also a great time to register for the 2016 GBP Events in Ohio with Tom & Pam to get the best early bird discounts and charge it to 2015 for tax purposes. You can also schedule a phone session with Tom & Pam to have them help you with your goals. Why not start 2016 off right and stay on track.

If you had a great 2015 year with a success story that Tom & Pam helped you acheive extra profit and growth please email Pam psnewell@hotmail.com and let her know. Great success stories are what makes us happy.

Check out a great new app that Pam is using for tracking goals in 2016 : coach.me and it's FREE. This will also keep you on track. Track daily, weekly, monthly goals - visualize progress with graphs & charts visually - and get a high five when you acheive a goal. This will keep you on plan and that is very important to keep it on your phone, calendar, and let Pam know so she can help you for 2016.

If you want to redefine your business, possibly change locations and revisit a retail location, or maybe add some great stand alone gifts why not hire Tom & Pam to help you for 2016 with a great phone coaching session and register for the best 3 days event you will ever attend. 2016 GBP Rally/Conference in OHIO this July 7-9, 2016 and join in hundreds of your peers with a new outlook for the GIft Basket Industry. Hope to see you in OHIO.


October 2015 Tips from Pam

Bosses Day and Sweetest Day next week. Week of 10/18 is Medical Assistant Week just to name a few. Make sure you are marketing to all the great holidays this year. We list many on our 1015 holiday fun marketing calendar if you haven’t got it yet you still have some great ones on it to market to.

A few important questions to consider when preparing for the upcoming holiday season!

  • Take a critical look and evaluate your online store against your competitors

  • Is your site optimized for mobile shopping?

  • Reviews listed on your site?

  • Does your site have a professional look and feel?

  • Is the layout easy and friendly with disclosures & shipping times?

  • Do all your images work and do they entice your potential buyers?

  • Is your shopping cart software up to-date with correct tax & shipping cost?

  • Are you offering payment options not just pay pal?

  • Can your store handle traffic spikes and easy for them to buy volume?

  • Have you set in to play your marketing plan & pre-scheduled your campaigns?

  • Have you ordered extra supplies?

These are just a few questions that you might want to consider today and work on if you are not ready. Making sure you have your plan in place and your calendar scheduled is very important for a successful holiday season this year! If you need a private session with Tom & Pam please call 330-478-0555 and schedule today. We still have time!


September 2015 Tips from Pam

Why not ask your clients?

You can hire a consultant to let you know what you may be doing wrong or right and pay them to interview your staff, clients, and look around! This is sometimes very costly and time consuming!

You could also take your top 20 clients that you really want to impress and get their holiday orders and ask them to give you their thoughts on your business tactics, how your staff is preforming, what they most like about your business, and how you could improve. You could also ask them what they would like to see in the upcoming year so you could give them the best customer service possible. They will thank you and feel that you care about them and their needs! Give them a call today and then don’t forget to thank them with some gift or discount program. Great way to connect!

August 2015 by Pam

Sometimes you just need a little help with how to market, how to grow your client list, what to put on a sales slick, what to offer corporate clients, when to schedule your holiday open house, how to price your designs, how much inventory to order, how to estimate your supplies, or where to better use your time for Profit! We Tom and Pam are making themselves available to you with their personal phone coaching sessions and would be honored to help you! With over 30 years in business they have learned top secrets, little tricks, and will give you honest answers to your questions to save you money and time. Check out their consultant link and see what they can do for you.  We have evening appointments also available with outstanding client testimonials. Call Pam 330-478-0555 and see when a time is available for you and your partners.


JUNE 2015 Tips by Pam

In June 2015, content marketers have plenty of opportunities to connect with customers and prospects — producing articles, videos, graphics, and tools around holidays, summertime advice, entertainment, and decision making.

Content marketing is the practice of creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, interesting, and entertaining content with the aim of acquiring customers and making sales through engagement and relationships.

As we spring forward, it’s a great time for spring-cleaning and goal setting. What are your goals for the year? Whether it is increasing business, raising awareness, rebranding or social media, I think we can all agree on a common goal: reaching customers.

Reaching customers is important to any business. There are so many avenues one can take but sometimes the best place to start is your own backyard. Ask for Referrals and Testimonials will get you started and help you grow!

Research is showing that shoppers are starting their decision-making long before they step foot into your store. There are more ways than ever of reaching them at home. In our Marketing we still do some large postcards as well as social media. Our direct mail can help you target and reach those customers who are most likely to walk into your store. By putting a QR code on a mail piece and your website you can further invite these potential customers to check out your store on their smartphone before they leave home.

The new retail industry buzzword for this type of customer is “omnichannel shopper.” These customers bounce between physical stores to laptops to smartphones, and a purchase can come via any of these avenues. As the lines blur between in-store and digital shopping, savvy retailers must win over these shoppers in order to survive in a fast-changing landscape. Online and physical stores have become so important to work together in your marketing campaigns.  We will really dive into this more in detail at this years “2015 GBP Rally in Canton, OHIO” August 20-22, 2015 just in time for your holiday promotions!

May 2015 Tips by Pam

National Nurses Week is a great opportunity for you to do some small gifts in a big way. Make sure you are promoting this and market till you drop this month. Great holidays for corporate orders!

May has so many opportunities for GBP's to promote please see a sample of our MAY "2015 Marketing Fun Holiday Calendar" we made for you. It is on sale this month for the entire year. Check it out under GBP Specials

March 2015 Tips by: Tom & Pam

We have a new Facebook business page://www.facebook.com/pages/Gift-Basket-Professional-and-Gift-Basket-School/292550965281

also a new group private page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/giftbasketprofessionalgroup/  this will allow discussions. Feel free to use #GBPRALLY to find on twitter..

February 2015 Tips By: Tom & Pam Newell

Future Vision in Technology:


We have so much to learn!


Robert Garner owns “Garner Insurance and Financial Services” He is part of the Experienced staff of Gift Basket School’s

"2015 GBP Rally & Ultimate Tradeshow" instructors team.

Robert has given us a few links to check out this month to help your business with protecting your assets.  www.robertgarnerinsurance.com




2015 Color Trends to watch for: http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr/?season=spring&year=2015&pid=11


Cute lollipop bouquet YouTube idea for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3DnOUiFZKY


January 2015 Tips: By Tom & Pam Newell

Breaking Retailers News (Great article) http://www.cnbc.com/id/102285690#.

We hope you had the best 4th quarter you have ever had with your gift basket sells! Take time to revisit your best selling designs, recalculate your profit, and update your website for Valentines day and thank you gifts. If you need help we are at your service please give us a shout out we are happy to help you get ready for 2015 with style and profit. Don't forget to register for the 2015 GBP Rally and Ultimate Gift Show you will be glad you did with outstanding instructors and classes galore! See you in OHIO!

November Tips

Today is a great day to send a Thank you gift to your best corporate clients. If they haven’t given you their order yet include their last year’s list to update this will jog their memory it’s time to order.

Start making any one of a kind designs with left over products you don’t have listed on your website to reduce inventory and have some quick cash and carry on hand. Make as many stand-alone shelf stable gifts this week to have ready for adding a card and sending out the door.

Recount all pre orders today to make sure you have all the products needed to complete them and if you have room start prepping them to fill. Pre make bows and store for quick tie on at the last minute. Hand write any gift cards if you already have info to put on them and place with invoice so to speed your process the day of the delivery.

Line up extra help for deliveries and assembly now so you won’t be looking for them the week of the rush. Time yourself in making the designs that are selling so you know how many you can make in a day.

Order your own Christmas Cards now and take an evening to address so they are ready to go. Order as many of your own family gifts now so you won’t be the one out there Christmas Eve.

Pre schedule delivery of food, dry cleaning, and get your hair appointments pre scheduled so you will be organized. Set your calendar up for best days to delivery and do errands. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best Post office and UPS days between 10-11am and 1:30-2:30 we have found. Both are great times for the bank as well. Ups said best cut off day for deliveries to arrive ground would be the 18th so try and have your Christmas boxes shipped as early as possible and remember it will be the same for your products to arrive if you are ordering inventory late.

Inspect your supplies today see if you have enough shred, stuffing, ribbon, and enclosure cards. How many baskets can you fill with a 10 pound box of shred? Weigh it and make sure you have enough.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything you can email Pam psnewell@hotmail.com

Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2014 - Don't forget Bosses Day and Sweetest Day these are great opportunities to market!

Here is an amazing floral youtube that Pam really found exciting and the best instruction ever!


Here is a YouTube for balloon art that you may find interesting as well:


These tips came from Tia at BaskWeb to help our readers get ready for Christmas FREE.

http://screencast.com/t/ludUryRA be current tip 1

http://screencast.com/t/6k9NNXiBl36N -simplified shopping tip 2

http://screencast.com/t/zelg0Ed18q  Tip 3 – Deals


From Ribbon Print a video from SUE!

These are your fall Color Trends make sure you are using at least one of them for the holidays


August 2014 "Time to ask yourself a few questions" This will get you ready for the 4th quarter with success!

  • How much profit am I making now?

  • What products have brought me the best returns? Why?

  • Am I making ROI this year? If so How? If not why?

  • Do I know what part of my business is making me the most money?

  • Do I know who my biggest clients are? Corporate or Residential?

  • Am I sure how much I need to invest to have the goal I want this year?

  • Do I know how many designs I can make in a day?

  • Am I sure how much inventory I will need to purchase to fill the orders?

  • Am I sure how many employees it will take to make the designs to fill the goals I have?

  • Do I know how to hire employees & train them quickly?

  • Do know where to get all products that will sell the best and that are 2014 trendy?

  • Do I know where I should advertise and how this year? BUDGET?

  • Am I ready for the best holiday ever? Or where to start?

  • Do I have my holiday calendar with delivery strategy ready and posted?

  • Do I have all my designs ready for the holidays & photos taken?

  • Do I need Tom & Pam’s help and have I purchased my ticket for the workshop yet?

    • No matter what the size of business you have new or seasoned you will need to know some hard answers to where your business is today. Tom & Pam have over 35 years in Retail and keep learning new technology, new techniques, and attend as many industry gift and gourmet tradeshows as possible every year to stay in front of the competition and so should you! We have developed a fun quiz that all attendees in Tom & Pam's classes get to see just where your business is and if you are ready for this years holiday season. Come join us in OHIO and let us help get you ready!


June 2014 _ "Spring Clean & De-clutter Your Business “physically & mentally”!

With spring upon us, the term "spring cleaning" has been coming up everywhere. I always get in the mood to put everything in place before summer so I can relax and feel good about my business! I make sure my goals are still on track and clean out the old and look forward to the new!

Even though I keep my areas pretty uncluttered, given the amount of information we all get on a daily basis, family and business obligations, appointments, back orders, billings, articles to read, the unexpected situations life always surprises us with, and so on, we all have some clutter that still gets in our way.

Before I go any further, here is my definition of clutter:    Clutter is anything that takes you in the opposite direction of the daily plans you have set for yourself and business. It takes you away from the goals you have set. Causing you to become unfocused and less energized!

Clutter has a heavy, burdened feeling to it, both physically and mentally. It sits like a dead weight on our shoulders. Or it you tend to have negative energy that blocks your physical and mental space from what you really want to do in your life.

In order to free up that space, time and energy, clean up the clutter.

That’s why I focused on the benefits of de-cluttering. I know that when I am clutter-free, I am able to think more clearly and focus on key tasks. I am more efficient and effective and I just feel lighter. The sense of accomplishment feels great and puts you in the mood to get things done.

I also find when you write down business ideas that you are considering on your nice clean board you start to take action and steps to make your story a success. Making phone calls, doing research, designing a new trendy line needs some a creative mind with less clutter. Clear the negative chatter and clutter and get started on the 2nd quarter of your year in a new mental freedom with energy.

Spring clean those old files from your computer, old emails, your data bases, and reorganize your business for a 2014 success today! Let us know at “Gift Basket School” how that is working for you we want to hear your success stories and help you re-energize your business with just a little spring cleaning.

Have a great SUMMER and hope to see you all soon!

Tom & Pam Newell

May 2014 =                   “The Art of Networking” By: Pam

I've certainly done my share of networking over the years. I've applied my sticky name tag to my top as I walked with a bit of trepidation into a group of strangers, hoping to catch a smile from someone so I can say hello. I've sat at tables with timers, and hopped up with barely a memory of the 9 other people at the table after 10 minutes of introductions -- pushed by the moderator to "meet more people" at the sound of the bell. I've also circled the bar, hoping to add a witty observation and be included in a circle of people I don't know at a conference.  Yikes!

Networking like that is not enjoyable, for me, it doesn't work.

The best networking events I've attended or hosted are those that are more informal. In fact, I don't like meeting people "to increase my network." I like meeting people, well, just to meet people and get to know them. I like to start out by keeping the whole thing on a personal level. I enjoy getting to meet everyone in the room, not just the people who I have made eye contact with. You can't do that easily unless the event is set up to give everyone a chance to speak. And not exclusively about (yawn) what they do for a living. For me, it's got to be fun, or it's not memorable and does me no good.

I think it is because I truly believe that all business is personal. And so when I meet people, I want to know their stories. I find that taking time to understand a person's journey gives me more insight into how we're ultimately going to work together. It doesn't usually happen immediately, it can take several meetings or conversations to find the "clicking point." But once I can connect with someone to better understand how his mind works, it becomes easier to see places where we'll be successful working together.

So how do you stop this cycle of networking that is NOT working for you?

Here are some of my ideas -- I'm sure you can add some of your own.

  • Throw out the idea that quantity is better than quality.
  • Take the time to ask questions that have nothing to do with business to build a relationship.
  • Don't start the conversation by handing out your card when you first meet -- it is rude. And people will focus on your card and not hear you!
  • Don't ask someone to "Link In" with you without a personal message about WHY you want to add him/her to your network.
  • Participate in group discussions, share your experiences and expertise and more importantly, expect NOTHING in return.
  • Pay it forward. Connect people you know who can help each other.
  • Go out of your way to attend events to just meet people. Don't expect to get an appointment or sale.
  • Don't push your products (your politics, your religion, your business) when you first meet someone, it is very off-putting.
  • Keep in touch. Visit other people's profiles. Share their posts.
  • Don't pretend to be confident. A little humility, humor and honesty goes a lot further than bravado.

When you put other people in front of your own need to close business things start happening. People begin to do the same for you. And that's why we network, isn't it?

It is true that you never know where your next client, friend, or opportunity will come from. Keeping an open mind and your ears open will benefit you more than any stack of business cards ever will or a pushy close!

We will be working on networking suggestions and group networking at our September 6, 2014 Workshop in OHIO why not join us and attend our group brainstorming session before the workshop begins! We have so many new trends coming to our industry this fall we want to share with all of you. Hurry register and spend the day with Tom & Pam in OHIO!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

April 2014 = Making a “Visual Resume” work for you this month!  By: Pam Newell

They say you can't judge a book by its cover but how many of us judge people by the way they talk, the way they dress, or even by the way they answer the telephone?

We form opinions about people the first time we see or hear them. We even form opinions about people we have never met!

People's "perception" about us DOES matter. As a professional speaker who provides workshops, keynotes and consultations on presentation skills and public speaking, I know that we are all judged by people through "What we say", “What we Wear” and "How we say it". We are also judged by "How we Smile", "How we walk" and even "How we eat our food". In the work environment, we judge people by the size of their office, the location of their office or by the number of people working for us. As a business owner YOUR company is judged by the way your receptionist answers the telephone, what she wears or greets people at the door.

Think about it!

You CANNOT, NOT! make a first impression! People always form an initial impression about us the first time they come in contact with us whether it is in person or whether it is over the telephone or even by the way we leave a message on THEIR answering machine. Every other contact with us after that first time either supports or conflicts with that first impression. Create a good first impression and the relationship grows from there. Create a bad first impression and your relationship with that person can be an uphill battle.

Whether we are communicating "one-to-one" over the telephone, "one-to-a-group" such as a small business meeting or "one-to-a-hundred" such as during a presentation other people's impressions of us is very important and we should work hard to make sure that FIRST impression is a great one.

I call this my “Visual Resume” each time I have the opportunity to meet someone and they get to know me 1st and then my product. I hope everyone this month takes a couple minutes to look over your “Visual Resume” and your office staff to make sure your 1st Impression is a great one.

Thanks Pam


March 2014 - Happy Spring! By Pam

I must stay this winter has been more than challenging with the cold and ice sticking around a bit longer than normal. I for one am glad that the calendar said Spring will be here March 20th, 2014 and I am ready! How about you? I am also on track with my resolutions and up todate with my goals. Hopefully you are as well. Let us know so we can help. My Coach "Christa" has be strick but it is paying off with -19 pounds and still exercising so for me this is a big dream come true to still be working on my resolutions in March. Okay now you know I don't always keep my personal goals going after a couple months!

March brings so many great holidays to market to your clients have you sent out an e-blast yet to remind them? If you need help with great suggestions our 2014 Marketing & Fun Holiday Calendar E-book is on Sale this month check it out on the GBP Special page. A few good ones are my favorites: National Doctor's Day, National Dentist Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Ash Wednesday, & more just to name a few.

Don't forget to add your milage before going to the accountants for your taxes this is a great deduction this year.

We can still take 4 more telephone coaching sessions this month. We have taken on 13 new GBP coaching jobs and want to thank you all for letting us help you with your Gift Basket Success!

Hope you have a great month and we will add more tips and articles later this week. See you soon. Pam


January 2014!   Happy New Year to all... We have a lot planned for 2014 stay tuned!

Do you have a 2014 Resolution or a Goal Sheet?

Every year, we see lots of friends write a list of New Year's resolutions. These lists will include lofty Dreams such as "profit a million dollars" as well as easier goals like "go to the gym or plan a new marketing campaign." Regardless of the goal, most resolutions will be forgotten faster than a New Year's ball drop and never make it till Easter! Anyone that really knows me knows I am 100% about getting your dream & staying on track!


I don't make New Year's resolutions. I do have a list of goals, both personal and business, that I update monthly. On New Years, I instead focus on what I call my New Year's "Pam's Will Do List". This is easily obtained for me with goals that I know I can keep ("I can do 5 items on my list each month"). It is a list of challenges and resolutions so to speak that are obtainable for me and will help me get to the next chapter of my life and dreams!


Taking baby steps is much easier for me to stay on track for the entire year without giving up so I make my list 5 easy items to obtain each month using my Personal Marketing Calendar to help keep me on track for the year-end result that I want to obtain! "SUCCESS"


Below is my list for 2014. Hopefully you can relate and make your own list.


1. I Will Exercise 10 times this month No Excuses! Scheduling it on my calendar as it is an appointment will keep me on track without excuses of NO time to exercise this year! I have already joined the YMCA and scheduled my coach!

2. I will lose at least 1 pound a week until I reach my goal weight! This will keep me healthy and make it easier to meet my final goal on time! (My reward is a facial & massage on the 28th each month) I started my diet early and will keep you posted on my progress with my daughter Christa as my coach.   http://christacardiacrn.bodybyvi.com/  

3. I will schedule an additional 10 hours a week for Business Coaching & Mentoring! Helping others achieve their goals is my passion and I will allow my schedule to focus on building my coaching business & helping others each month! (My goal is not to turn anyone away this year because of time on my part) I will also open up 3 new mentoring opportunities for GBP members. Check out coaching opportunities!

4. I will refocus my energy on relaxation with family while checking off my bucket list with 1 trip each month! My family Time is precious and I need to stay focused on not getting stressed while taking time off. Planning 1 trip a month (12 a year) is exactly what will put a smile on our faces for 2014. Learning to relax while doing what I enjoy spending time with family is what I dream of! Playing in our RV and checking off the big Bucket List for 2014!

5. I will put 10% in savings, 10% in marketing, 10% paying off debt and 10% in tithing each month of all GBP sales! Staying on budget will allow me to be less stressed, keep my commitment to the Lord, build my credit score, becoming debt free, and marketing like never before!

By breaking each goal or project down to monthly instead of yearly I am able to check off each month easily making sure I meet my 2014 year end goal with ease! How about you? Break your yearly goal down weekly, monthly, or daily! Believe me when I tell you it is easier and it works! This will add less stress, more time, more money, and better goal tracking than ever before! Happy New Year and stay in touch.

By: Pam Newell







December News and Tips

We Wish you a Merry Chrsitmas and a Wonderful New Year!

From Tom & Pam Newell GBP's

And Staff: Ben, Chrsita, Tim, Derek, Katlyn, Karen, Barb, Anthony, Joseph, and Samuel

January is a great time to start a coaching session with Tom and Pam to look over your 2013 - 4th quarter and see how we can make a new plan for 2014 to start you off with a bang.. The 2nd largest holiday of the year will be coming up quickly with Valentines Day so let us help you get ready in January. Schedule your phone time session today and be ready before anyone else! Only $50.00 on GBP special page.

Goals are what we all need to be doing on December 28th for the new year. If you need help please let us know!

Thanks for a great year together! Tom & Pam

ps. we have lots of new plans and surprises for 2014 stay tuned!


November News and tips

Why say thank you in life and in business?

Hint: It’s good for your relationships and your bottom line.

Note that you want to give thanks freely and expect nothing in return. (It is better to give than to receive, right?) However, you will probably see some reciprocal action. Connect a friend-of-a-friend with a new contact and both parties will remember you.

  1. Basically, the research findings suggested “saying thanks” gives you a high ROI, or return on investment, which you can use to cash in on future requests.

For example, if you say thanks — make it personal and really mean it! — to customers/fans/friends for completing a helpful task, such as sharing a photo you posted yesterday on Facebook, you can bet you’ll get a high amount of help on a similar request asked of them in the near future.

In other words, those of us that get a sincere “thank you” once are more likely to repeat the same behavior again.

So beyond common courtesy, we just discovered that saying “thank you” can benefit your bottom dollar. Why not take action? Putting a little extra effort in this department would probably pay off quickly.

So how can we say “thank you” in a quick but sincere way? Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Tweet thanks to anyone that has mentioned, tweeted or retweeted you on Twitter.
  2. Send a sincere “thank you” email to your data base list. Do not sell a thing.
  3. Write a handwritten note. (Yes, I’m talking snail mail, if you have a mailing address.) Include a “loyal customer/friend” code valid for $5 or some small product.

We are in the gift giving business so why not send a small gift to each of your top 20 clients and see if you get an order this week. Just saying I believe it will work.


 October is a great month to take a few quick classes, read a few E-books, and update your data base. It is also a great time to merge your social media marketing saving time & energy with a monitoring & scheduling tool like: Nutshell Mail from Constant Contact, Hoot Suite, or Google Alert. You should also take a few minutes and send out a FREE press Release to increase your client base and web presence! Here is a great one to start with: FREE Press Release site

October what Tom & Pam call the 8 week training to a 4 week Marathon (Thanksgiving - Christmas)  this month we have put together our largest tool to help you get ready with a personal assessment quiz, 12 week calendar, 50 page class on corporate marketing and quick design to help you get ready. This was designed for our workshop attendees and we are offering it to you if you couldn't be there you can still get the E-book class today! Check out "Ready set Go" E-book now on Sale!

Take a few minutes to contact your clients and update your data base this week to get ready. Also you may want to take inventory and order some extra ribbon. If you don't know how to estimate practice making a few bows and see how many you can make with one bolt of ribbon. You may be surprised!



July and August will find Tom & Pam Newell traveling and teaching gift basket business techniques in their RV. We have helped hundreds now get ready for the best 2013 holiday season and will continue to reach a lot more GBP's before the season begins.   We have just posted a few new seminars and workshops to our event page already for 2014 so make sure to look at them weekly to see where you can find us! If you need a personal business telephone session this is a great time to schedule one so give us a call or email us today! 330-478-0555. Hope to see you soon.

Tom & Pam


September 2013 tips from Pam

Did you remember your special October Marketing Holidays to give you a reason to contact your client for a fun marketing campaign. We have a great e-book filled with them!

Here are a few: Pharmmacist Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, Dentist Hygeinist Month October 2nd, National Custodian Workers Day

October 6th, Physician Assistant Day

Oct 9th, Emergency Nurses Day

Oct 16th, National Boss Day

Oct 19th, Sweetest Day

So many to market check our E-book for much more!

Hurry and get your tickets to the October 5, 2013 workshop in Canton, OHIO



June Article by Tom & Pam Newell

Referrals or The Best Kept Secret in Town!

One of the most important items of your business plan for 2013 should be referrals! You should be asking for them and rewarding your clients for not keeping you a secret! Are you?

  • Do you offer a welcome packet for all new clients and referrals?
  • Do you send referral gifts to your clients now?
  • Do you have a goal for 2013 Holiday season to increase your client base?
  • Are you spending money now on blind advertising to get new clients?
  • Could you use new business this year?

Every happy satisfied customer should want to help you spread the word about your great service and products! This would help you grow however if you haven’t said to them who do you know that may also need our services they many not tell anyone about you!

At a networking chamber function find a client and ask them to introduce you to someone that they know that may need your services. You client would probably rather get a gift from their friend from you a company they trust than to receive a gift from a big box impersonal store this year!

You don’t have to know everyone in town you just have to know your clients and trust me they have different contacts, friends, and co-works that can expand your business this year!

Make a goal to not be the best kept secret in town for 2013, be the best know GBP in town!

Do you know anyone that can use our services if so please send us referrals & keep spreading the word about Gift Basket School! We appreciate your support and business!

Tom & Pam Newell

May Article by Pam Newell

With summer just around the corner, business can slow down as people go on vacation and begin to wind down. Here are a few hot summer marketing ideas to help fight the business drought!

  • It’s a great time to step up your marketing activities. While no single marketing tactic can accomplish everything you want, try a little of everything to be successful. Be consistent, patient, and keep communicating with potential clients – even when the weather heats up.
  • Dip your toes in Social Media: If you haven’t taken advantage of all the great social media tools available to you, take some time this summer to research how they work and how they can benefit you. Then, get started! You can start small and master one tool before moving on to another. If you are new to Social Media we have a great E-book class to get you started!
  • Host a cook-out: Invite your clients or best customers to a cook-out. It doesn’t have to be costly and doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Bring a simple charcoal grill to the office parking lot, pick up some hot dogs and fill a cooler with drinks and you have a party. A few items for s’mores wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Great way for staff and clients to get to know each other with fun.
  • Be cool! If you want to increase foot traffic to your business, put up a sign on your door for a free water bottle give-away. Ice cream works well too. For every 10 people who come in for the freebie, you are sure to get at least one or two customers you otherwise would not have connected with. Plus, the give-away shows that you care about people and you understand your customer’s needs.
  • Make sure your logo t-shirt is ready for all those fun golf outings and baseball games. Why not advertise while you are attending something casual.
  • Update your ads and your website:  Many businesses use the same ads throughout the year, but summer is a great time to update your message with a sunny theme. Make your message more relevant to the season and get noticed by your customers. Website update each season!
  • Use holidays to your advantage: There are several not-so-obvious holidays to build themes and promotions around during the summer. June 8th is Best Friends Day, while July 17th is National Ice Cream Day, for example. Use these to your advantage to help get your name out in the community.  Check out our Marketing Calendar for great fun holidays!

Hope you get a couple fun ideas to help you get a head start on the after summer sales! If you need some personal Business coaching and other ideas why not call or sign up for our 1 hour business coaching telephone session now on sale for May! We would love to help! Tom & Pam


April Article by Tom & Pam Newell

Planning for 2nd quarter success in April!

As Gift Basket Professionals, we are so focused on what's in front of us that it can be hard to believe we are already in the second quarter of 2013. The beginning of the second quarter, however, is a good time to stop, take a breath, look back at the first quarter's marketing results, and determine what, if anything needs to be adjusted in order to improve your year. You will also want to take a look at 1st quarter 2012 and see how you have improved this year already (you maybe surprised)!  Make sure your 2013 goals are on track!

 You need to know what marketing tactics might warrant further investments! Let's say that you received a couple of quality leads through your website, but know it needs more work in terms of search engine optimization. That would seem a smart place to increase your budget. You also need to re-visit your website and make sure it is up to-date with the latest technology and maybe have a web make-over to see if web customers purchase more or stay longer! I’m sure BaskWeb could help with this!

Look at your marketing calendar for the balance of the year and make sure you have key events highlighted, including upcoming Holidays and Trade shows you're planning to attend. Look ahead and determine when you need to start making the most of these events and who else needs to be involved to get the most of your year’s budget and plans!  Remember Gift Basket School has developed a great Marketing & Fun Holiday Calendar E-book to help you with this! (Don’t forget National Administrative Professional Day and Waitress Day to name a few in April)

As GBP’s focusing on keeping clients satisfied, it's easy to get caught up in accomplishing day-to-day tasks. This tendency highlights why it's critical to check in periodically, such as at the end of each quarter. After all, as we all know we need to chart our course and stay on the plan to be successful! A regular evaluation can help you confirm that you are on the right path. Together we will try and help you with a monthly article and newsletter to make sure 2013 is a great successful year for all our readers!

See you at a seminar this year!

Tom & Pam Newell

“The Gift Basket Industry Pioneers”

Your official Gift Basket Retailers Business Coach Team




Here are a few Apps you might find helpful this year. Most of them are free! We want you to reach your goals and dreams for 2013 and together we will work on them!

  • stresscheckpro = finger on camera measures your heart rate
  • mood panda (graphs your mood so you don't over eat or get stressed)
  • Breathe2relax (teaches you to breathe)
  • meal snap (estimates calories on your plate takes a photo) $2.99
  • Healthy goal (makes you stick to a commitment)
  • white noise (app to make you relax if you can't sleep)
  • my fitness pal (you guessed it)
  • Wunderlist (organizes everything and allows you to save time and allows you to merge your life all in one app)   FREE
  • zapp.us (make your own app for your company and send it out to your customers so they can see your special page each month. Fun and FREE only takes a couple minutes to do..




These are just a few suggestions to check out:

  • Adding live chat on your website: mylivechat.com or http://www.zopim.com are both great!
  • Make QR Codes for your company name and products http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMOw681RnZM is a great tool to watch for instructions.
  • The Square: instant merchant card processer for your i-phone www.squareup.com
  • Make a YouTube ad for your website & client exposure
  • Set up Constant Contact for monthly E-blasts to clients if you don’t have an account
  • Add on-line map if you have a storefront for clients easy find
  • Update your website for holiday order selections if you don’t have a website contact Baskweb
  • Transfer to your cell phone calls 7 video designs to upload
  • Check out color trends www.pantone.com and pick out your colors for products, shred, &  ribbon
  • Take inventory and make a list to re-order products today that work!
  • Add a line of pre-made gifts or drop shipping to expand your line this year!
  • Call Vendors to see what show specials or holiday discounts they are offering. We have some listed for you below!
  • Pre-make your designs today and photo shoot for web and brochure!
  • Make a schedule with a large calendar to set up delivery days and when you will need products
  • Pick out your best 20 clients and send them a sneak peek message of what is hot this year, you could always send them a small gift and when they call to thank you set up a sales call!

These are just a few ideas to do this month! We will post more later so keep watching for our e-blasts!