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#8058 - 4.4oz Capeachio's Veg medley $2.04@

Product Number: 8058 veg
Retail Price: $24.48 (USD)

Northwoods Cheese offers many type of crackers but Capeachio's Vegetable medley Crackers #8058 - 4.4oz is Tom & Pam's Favorite for designing when you need something strong and a bit larger for the design.  It comes in 2 types vegetable Medley in green and black box as well as #8057 Peppercorn 7 Poppy in red/pink/black box.

#8058 - 4.4oz Capeachio's Vegetable Medley Cracker is only $2.04@ with 12 in case = $24.48

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Other crackers available call Pam to order 330-478-0555 or need any info

#8057 - 4.4oz Capeachio's Peppercorn & Poppy Crackers are also only $2.04@ 12 in case = $24.48 cakk ir email to order